Swimming toward Adult Stories

The idea’s that we find ourselves thinking about sometimes can take us to places beyond the shores.  Even growing up as a Christian, thinking about adult stories is the last thing on our minds.  Somewhere along this path of life, sensual imagination begins to take on a creative form of its own; that has absolutely nothing to do with church.  Sometimes we might desire to swim down the path of something different that we weren’t taught.  Having the ability to swim whereever you want to.

Unspoken Truth

kissWe all grow up to leave mom and desire the kiss of another.  No matter what nationality or spiritual faith that we grow up in, we all have to pass the road of (Adulthood).  On this path we learn to feel emotions within our bodies, find sexual attraction toward others, and this usually always leads to the desire to touch and kiss.  When we are not able to touch the flesh of another, we then use our minds to fantasize about passion.  It doesn’t matter if your sitting in one of the church pews or the confession booth, erotic imagination has a way of creeping up on all of us.  Women think the world of that good looking priest or pastor; and men find the subject of their wild imaginations sitting right next to them.  For those who don’t believe in God, you will still find them desiring to run their hands down the naked back of the waitress who happens to be serving them.  Even the baker who bakes our bread and cupcakes, might sometimes wish that he could penetrate the music teacher who just purchased 32 muffins for her students.  On the flip side of these thoughts – you might just happen to see a woman slap her teenage son, for observing the sexy shape of a younglady who just crossed his path.  Some of us shake the dirty thoughts out of our heads; and others decide to act upon their mental visions of intercourse.  Let’s face it, somewhere along the way we lose our virginity one way or another.

What does swimming have to do with anything?

swimWe also find our selves watching people in their attractive swim wear at the pool and beaches; wondering how they look beneath that beautiful printed material.  Although sexy thighs and well tanned shoulders is worth looking at a second time – this particular blog shares what the mind of one person visualized concerning sexual content.

In the minds eye (Creative Thoughts) of the websites creator (The Water Librarian) various thoughts of watery creatures captivated its space.  The Librarian began to think of jelly fish moving their tentacles back and forth.  The next though brought forth large sized sharks that seemed to draw swimmers down into the waters.  As the swimmer’s took a dive to follow the sharp tooth creatures, something magnificent became an idea within the librarians mental facility.  The sharps were beckoning them to follow into a darker and deeper level of the waters.  They did not want to attack the swimmers; but sure enough – they were trying to show them something.  Without any form of fear or fowl play the divers continued to follow the dangerously (tamed) beckoning lures.

Deeper they went until the waters became thick, dark, and murky (having the feeling of something dirty).  This strange underwater experience was captivating each swimmer with the desire to seek more.  The sharks were joined by other water animals that also guided the swimmers toward a facility of some sort.  As they approached what appeared to be a building, the swimmers glanced at each other.  Their bodies began to feel extremely sensual as every hair stood out in those waters.  It was as if the sharks were nodding to the dolphins to open the front doors of what appeared to their amazement to be an (Under Water Library).  Sexual sensations became heighted, as the swimmers no longer gave any thought to the sharks.  They were captivated by what they saw in the library; so they continued their swim inside.  Books were floating all over the place as the swimmers reached for them.  One book gave off the sensation of sexual intercourse being played out upon his body.  One of the other swimmers touched a book, that gave off visions of them having multiple orgasms.  As one female swimmer gazed into a book that was titled, (Open Me) she then began to imagine being touched by another woman.  This frightened her because she had only known men in this life time.  Not wanting to have this lesbian sensation, she closed the book and turned away.  It didn’t take long before another book took her down a different aisle.

Down a different aisle of … Sex Talesbook

The book then began to send off this vibrational energy that wanted to tell her about a particular tale.  In this book, was a story about a gentleman named, Charles.  The swimmer began to sense the smell of bananas, as the book beckoned her to turn the page.  The water drenched book, was bobbing up and down in the water with an alluring energy that took on another sensation.  It was the sensation of hearing sounds, that went … (knock – knock – knock).  The swimmer grabbed her ears as she heard it again, (knock – knock – knock).  She turned to see if the other swimmer’s were hearing the same sounds; but unfortunately they were captivated by different sexual stories.  It seemed that each swimmer was magically drawn into passionate tales that were connected to their own personal interest.  One swimmer was crying what seemed to be expressions of passionate heat; as he wanted to have quick sex; then and there on the spot.  Another swimmer was welcoming six more of his friends, who just happened to be entering the front door of the hidden library.  Diver’s who weren’t sure of what was inside this building were watching from afar.  The dolphins gave them a nudge forward; and they also came inside to find stories that were meant for them.

The female swimmer turned back to her book, just to find that a page was opening.  She saw that the title of this particular book was called:  {Charles Stanley Richardson}.  Another page turned on its own, and a picture was shown of a young woman who seemed to be getting a beverage out of the refrigerator.  She then seemed to be racing to catch up with a visitor who had just left the apartment across the hall.  This swimmer, along with the others in the library wanted to know more about their stories; but a warning alarm was now heard by all of them.    A very kind Water Librarian appeared and said:  “Welcome my deep sea swimmers – please make a small purchase to read what captivates your sexual urges.”

It wasn’t long before they all realized that the front door remained open for their exit(s) – but everyone remained inside to finish the books that were opened to them.  The swimmer’s were now heading to make their purchases; with credit cards that magically appeared in their hands.

The last message given by the Water Libararian was:  No Library Cards Needed Here.


The Water Librarian

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