A Sharks Invitation

The animals under the sea are trying to deliver a message to the humans.  They don’t want you to be afraid of them; nor swim faster when you see them coming.

We have a secret!

Their main purpose for swimming to shore, is to share Good News!

Unfortunately, people become frightened and panick at the first sight of deep sea creatures; especially the sharks.

Sexual Magic is in the Water

There is a particular part of the waters that you must swim toward, to experience sex tales beyond the shores.  As the waves ripple and the tides change, just follow the waters that began to get dark.  The darker waters will take you toward (THE MURKY DEEP SEA).  Your only job is to wait for the sharks that will swim toward you; so that they can introduce you to the … Water Librarian.  After this greeting, you may feel free to grab onto the sharks tail, a fin, or even one of their sharp teeth.  They will then guide you toward something that is hidden deep down below the waters.

Sensual Amazement in Stories Await

The dolphin’s aproach to greet you, the sharks do everything in their power to protect you, and other diver’s from around the world race to beat you to the front doors.  What Front Door’s?”, you might be asking yourself at this moment.  The answer to that question, is the reason for this website.

In these murky waters you will find a library; where library cards will never be needed.  Here you will be able to click on links that will intrigue you with stories of romance, fantasy, sexual creativity, inspirational enlightenment, soft porn tales, sci fi interaction, first time experiences with coming of age sex as well.  If by chance you don’t see anything that is of present moment excitement – then you are invited many times over, until you have found something to tickle your interest.

Here we offer you a few (Preview Links) below: 

  • Charles Stanley Richardson, is an odd sexy neighbor with (OCD) issues who has unknowingly captured the interest of his young female neighbor down the hall.  She is full of curiousity and ready to play a few childish games.  Perhaps the next story of ours might sound more up your alley.
  • Tammy, is a young model who has no interest in strolling down the cat walk, nor wearing black net stockings with no underwear.  Her preference in leisure activities, has something to do with her male friend down the hall.  She also harbors a secret that is hard to tell her own mother.

The Water Librarian Welcomes you

Head toward the front doors, and swim your way inside.  Find a watery story of your choosing with the click of a button.  Again, the sharks are here to guide you to fulfilling the lusty need of humanities urges; in a comfortable way that brings harm to absolutely no one.  You are just reading stories.

Feel free to click below to view a (BONUS STORY) – Here you will learn about the (Sci Fi Experience) of a young woman named Samantha.  Samantha’s Dirty Thoughts

Please view the entire website, and the stories that have been provided for you in Complimentary Form.  Then please understand that our hope is in you finding an interest in purchasing the ability to read (Extensions to these stories).

You are welcome to return many times, to find a link to purchase the ability to comfortably read other magnificent stories in your leisure time.  (WARNING):  There are no (Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am) stories here.  On the flip side of underwater reality, the Water Librarian will provide well thought out scenes that you will be able to enjoy.

Every story provides an (EASY READ) terminology, for simple enjoyment purposes.   You may leave a private message at:  waterlibrarian@murkylibrarian.com – to share your personal opinions on the stories.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SWIM THIS WAY AGAIN.  Thanks for visiting this page.

The Water Librarian

Beneath these waters you will find books (Fantastic Stories) that float in the deep murky waters.

I would also be delighted if you would tell an interesting friend about this website.

Come Again Soon!



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