Sexual Transformation

This was the fourth time this week that Tammy broke down in tears; after her mother had left for work.  Tammy admired her mom so much and it pained her to see how she dressed on a daily basis.  Her mom was considered a (Fashion Guru) when it came to high profiling.  Today, she was decked in pin-stripes with poker dots; and a pair of designer checkered pantyhose. No matter what the colors were, she had a way of making everything work and appear just right. The only problem was that she worn her clothing too tight, too short, or simply too sheer, which left nothing to the imagination.  Tammy felt that she was such an icon on the cat walks; and an additional embarrassment on the streets. Her mother, Ms. Peacock, expected Tammy to be the next great sensation in her fashion events; every single month. As an only child, this gave Tammy the experience of being smothered and over-protected by her loving mom.

Unfortunately Tammy was not interested in being the next female model to stride down the cat walk in her mothers shows.  She needed to feel like the adult that she was and not a dress up doll for her mom to show off.  People loved them both as they strolled down the aisle; not knowing of the young ones inner pain, as she smiled on the outside.  The shows were a magnificent hit every time.

Tammy’s Secret Distress

Tammy was simply tired of her mom leaving an outfit for her in the livingroom every morning.  Today it was, sheer net stockings with a poker dotted dress that was so short, it looked like a blouse.  Tammy was not interested in sporting such  a hot sexual look that represented the average woman who sort attention.

Tammy had her own way and style of dressing.  She wanted to wear straight pants that had a tight fit in the hips; and were tailored made to fit like male slacks.  She enjoyed watching the men in the building and how escentric they were in their sharp appearances.  Her favorite person to watch was Jerima Jacks, who lived just three doors down from her apartment.  Last night Jerima rode the elevator with her and touched her finger tips as he said:  “Good Night”.  He worn the tightest jeans that gave off the sexiest look ever.  He also worn a silk shirt that pressed against his chest; ever so divinely.


Tammy knew that he had his shirt tailored to perfection; and did not mind the extra price to add secret pockets near the hem.  This is where he hid his money from his older brother, Harold.  Harold was nice but Tammy had absolutely no interest in him at all.  She preferred the men who were neat in their clothing.  Harold was forever finding reasons to be in her home.  If he wasn’t carrying bags for her mom; then he was doing some other pointless deed to be in her company.  Harold was trying to impress Tammy, by favoring her mom.  Where Tammy was concerned it was not ever going to work.  Harold never ironed his clothes, and worn baggy jeans with holes in the knees.  This was a turn off to Tammy, and even her own mother didn’t like his appearance; but treated him nice anyway.  It seemed that the more Harold hung around their home, the more her mom had this mysterious look of interest for her daughter and that boy.  Tammy was already 21 years old, and wanted to pick her own boyfriend and her own clothes.

The Deep Buried Secret

Tammy was burdoned with the fact that she was in love with Jerima; but she had an appointment to see a doctor to have a sex change.  The hormone shots were already thickening her thighs, and so much more would be done to her before she could become a male.  Tammy wanted to tell her mother, and it pained her not to be able to simply blurt it out.  She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs: “Mom, I am going to be your son next year.”  Dr. Klein and Tammy had shaken on the surgery.

Tammy’s mom was known as Madam Peacock; this was a business name that she had used for many years.  People loved the fashion shows that the Madam would put on; every few months.  Usually Tammy was the first model to open the show, or the very last one to close the show out.  Most of the audience who attended the shows knew she was related to the famous Madam Peacock; and this was the reason that the applause was so alluringly grand.  Frankly, Tammy could care less whether they clapped for her or not.  She was tired of doing everything that her mom wanted.  She secretly felt that if her mom would let her walk as a male model, she’d then be overjoyed.  Yet, the more she thought of these provocative clothing that her mother chose, the greater her desire was to quit.

Tammy only dreamed to ride the elevators with Jerima.  Her bank account was already above the line of wealth, but she down played the fact that a job was not neccessary.  She didn’t need to work another day in her life, with the money that her father has left in his last will and testament.  She simply had a strange obsession with window shopping in the Men’s Department Stores; and purchasing jock straps and fancy ties to wear in secret.

Without her mothers knowledge she’d buy Jerima clothes and even sleepwear on a moments thought.  She did not have to buy him as a friend, but she did chose to help him and his four brothers who were struggling in their finances.  Tammy Bodeman enjoyed playing the role of a secret donator to charities and individuals; as a way to give back to the universe.  Jerima and his family were her favorite clients.  They had become friends years ago, when he invited her in his apartment for a cup of tea.  It was a very cold day and Tammy had forgotten her keys; this gave way to his invitation as he took note of her stressful situation.  They had talked that day for almost (3) hours before her mom had returned home.  Tammy had never let on that she had removed her panties for him, somewhere between the first 45 minutes and the second hour.  She simply told her mother that he was very nice, as she entered behind her when she came home.  They did not make love, but simply touched one another and allowed the heat of the moment to be innocently enjoyed.

The best part of their private intimate time was learning that Jerima was being forced to date a woman; that he was not interested in for the sake of his fathers happiness.  They shared a hearty laugh when he learned that Madam wanted her to be with Harold.  She was not interested, but did note a strange sign of jealousy.  Tammy liked the look that appeared on his face.  She also did not like the fact that his father forced another woman on him.  Jerima was gay and had shared this information with Tammy.  She secretly wanted him to be hers alone.  If the operation was a success, then she wanted to be able to tell him so.  She did have a unisex look that made her appear as a boy; and he always did find comfort in touching her fingers in the elevator.  She was the complete opposite from her mom; who insisted on shopping via the internet on a sexy website called:  (BLUEBELLA) – if the clothing showed any part of her skin, her mom was sold.

Tammy was going to do everything in her power to be her own person; and capture the affections of the one man that she truly admired.


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