Progress and Pizza Pie

I don’t know where these ideas come from; but I was getting ready to create a new blog on progress and pizza pops into my mind.  Actually, I’m not hungry at all because McDonalds was on my menu for breakfast today.  I just finished the last bite.

To the community of viewers, who click on my link – I’d like to share that finding out about Wealthy Affiliates was like someone placing an entire pizza pie before my face.  I was hungry to find my inner desire for something better; having not too much of an idea of what that would be.  Finding this field of creation gave me something to look forward to.

Present Progress

I feel like the dough has been rounded out (Basic Understanding) of what is going on with the lessons that we are granted; and the way that I choose to express what is required.  I have created a few blogs and it gets more and more exciting each day.  Reaching (Lesson 10 on Level 2) is amazing.  When I first tried to start my lessons, I was over-loaded with personal issues behind the scene.  Because of those things, I had run out of the limited time of using the (Chat Community) to share with all of the online strangers, who would become (WA Comrades).  I was disappointed and turned off for a little while.  Once I became a (Premium Member) then this is when I felt as if the sauce was now being placed on the dough.

My Chosen Niche

I had an idea that had come to me about four years ago, but the idea did not line up with how I grew up.  Then one day I decided to remove myself from this (Matrix) of a life that humans have wrapped themselves in.  My brain was screaming with the idea to write about something different than what I have always known.  This idea came into play when I found out about Wealthy Affiliates Plaltform.  I then decided that my personal niche would be, (ADULT ENTERTAINMENT).  I wanted to write about peoples feelings.  Stories of sexual intrigue was now floating around in my head; waiting for the opportunity to come out.  I figured that if I don’t try, then I would never know.  This was the cheese being placed on the pizza of my desires.


My first success was finding the personal space and time, to sit and create content for my blogs.  It started becoming easier and easier for me, once I started believing in myself.  When wealthy affiliate gave me my first badge, I was on cloud nine.  It lifted my spirits, like a child in school receiving their first star.  This was my pizza pie being turned in the oven for even cooking to be provided.  The next personal success was purchasing my own domain.  I loved turning on the computer at night and typing what I personally chose behind the (www) and following it with the well known extension of (.com).  My murkylibrarian name was the additional items being placed on my pie.

Plans and Goals in (3) Months

My plans and goals within a three month range is to complete all of the lessons that are provided in this (WA) platform.  I have already wasted 3 months when signing up; by not being focused.  I was missing all the great emails that were being provided by Nathaniell & Kyle, by not paying attention.  My goals at this time will also be to spend more time opening the emails that have not been read.  This also includes all of the wonderful people who have read my blogs and commented; as well as those who chose to follow me.  Appreciation is a worthy energy that I choose to express on a daily basis in everything that I do; therefore it is important for (WA Comrades) to know that they are important to me too.

Plans and Goals in (6) Months

My plans and goals within a six month range is hoping to be experiencing something that might not have been possible before starting this path.  I desire that greater content comes alive within me, to deliver more of what people might want to read.  My goals are to bring (Hundreds of New Fish) into the murky waters that I have created for their usage.  My plans are to continue learning through (WA) what else life has to offer in the big (World Wide Web) of technology; and how I could offer something from my existence in this world.  My personal goals is to find appreciation, and many customers who will not only visit my site; but will be more than happy to share what I create for the world with others.  I plan to receive positive energy, by working really hard to obtain … (real customers).  This will be like putting my pizza pie into a large box, so that my customers who visit my website will be comfortable with taking something good away with them.  I truly wish to accomplish this goal within (6) months of time.  I believe that wonders can be created, if we only give creativity and inspiration a chance to help us out.

I also believe in the saying that:  (If you can believe it – then you can receive it).  I plan to remain humble and grateful, as the world welcomes me to provide Adult Entertainment in the simplest of ways = writing wonderful and original sexy stories that they can enjoy.

I love the title of my website which is:  (Swimming in Murky Waters) because the question will always arise as:  Why would anyone want to swim in dirty water?  (Exactly) these waters are for those who are bold to dive in, because they will find that shelter can be found in the form of a (HIDDEN LIBRARY) in a world where books float and stories call you to make a purchase.  Where my pizza pie is concerned, these purchases will be like sprinkling onions, peppers, anchovies, sausages, etc., I will not forget those who want a vegetarian pie, their stories might be even more romantic.  The pizza pie is ready.


The Water Librarian

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