Online Intercourse is not always a Video

Many people in todays society have a habit of misinterpreting the full understanding of the word … (Intercourse).  When the word is mentioned, it is automatically connected with the raw flesh of two or more individuals.  They will be either joined with their frontal pelvic areas, or perhaps using other parts of the body for passionate endeavor’s.  Two keywords in particular to further explain the point at hand is:  (Online) and (Intercourse).  The path less travelled for many people, is to see the word intercourse in reference to the word correspondence.  We can visualize correspondence as:

  • Eye Contract between two who are attracted to each other.
  • A letter written from one to another.
  • A Story being told or perhaps read.

In this website post, we are referring to the last descriptive bullet.  Online Intercourse can be something that is verbally expressed in a (Hardcore Fashion) with extreme X-rated terminology.  It can also be revealed in (Soft Porn Type) venues like magazines, posters, postcards, and especially books.  A third example is having words displayed on Social Media, using the World Wide Web.  This would be in the form of a sex related website.  It doesn’t always have to deal with sex of the flesh, men watching women dance behind a large sized screen, people using Skype to lick their tongues at one another, people revealing their naked body parts on Facebook, or even sexual related photographs that are donated to a google site for free.

What venue are we suggesting?

For this particular blog, we are referring to the ability to create a website that reveals wonderful pages and post for entertainment purposes only.  These pages if written decently will expose fantasy, passion, erotic issues, and paragraphs filled with lust; in short – Online Intercourse can truly be font characters forming words on a page of a book.  It has been told that people do not want to hear explicit sexual details in a (Blunt – Wam Bam – Thank You Ma’am Way).  They want to hear the fleshy details revealed in a sultry way, which suggest in a passionate form.  They want to hear about the cool breeze blowing, while two people make passionate love on top of the mountains.  People want to hear about the love birds who are only 17 and 18 having their first sexual experience, while surrounded by wild deers who are gazing in the fields, etc.

A story that is well told, is a story that people would pay to view for themselves on the internet.  This would be the perfection of online intercourse.  Can you visualize an image in your head, while words are being read?  Perhaps something like: { He ran his hands down her legs as every hair rose like the effects of sensual radiation.}  Not something crazy like:  {He climbed on top of her and did his thing, and it was over within two minutes}.  If you just gave off a snide laugh, then you probably understood my reasoning in a funny way.  To be honest, “I just laughed out loud.”

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The Water Librarian

The Water Librarian


  1. This is really interesting, I have not even thought about it in the context you have mentioned. I look forward to seeing what else you have,

  2. Interesting post indeed.For sure a story is more exciting when there is poignant description and detail.That is why a book like 50 Shades has been turned into a movie as that is why Daniele Steele has sold thousands of books .Because people like romance and erotic stories that could get you wet and or rock hard through words use appropriately to capture the imagination

    • Thank you for your feedback! Daniele Steele is all over the bookstore; and doing extremely well. I hope to create a similar path that will allow me my own successful road. I also enjoyed the movie (50 Shades) so much, that it had upset me when the story was over. I will do my best to please the viewer’s that visit my website.

      The Water Librarian

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