Human Lollipop Shop

Kevin Edwards, had just about as much as he could stand with his new student, Jessica Randle.  If she wasn’t handing out rock candy for someone to do her homework, then she was offering students the opportunity to smell her candy.  Mr. Edwards had overheard a conversation with two of his male students in the locker room.  He wasn’t so sure if he wanted to know what the comment [Smell her candy] actually meant; but he was sort of curious.  The smart thing about Mr. Edwards was that he had no intention of losing his job; over some young thing who felt that offering sweets was the right way to progress in this life.  He watched as she tossed candy bars across the room to every guy she liked; and everyone else had to pay to sample whatever she had left.  He was so glad to hear the last school bell ring for this day, and did not look her way as they exited.

Provocative Behaviorgirl_with_lollipop_in_mouth

Jessica Randle made it her business to purposely open her long sexy legs excessively wide; for the teacher to notice what color panties she had on.  She sucked her teeth with sharp disappointment, as she noticed that he had turned the other way.  From three rows ahead, Carl Stanton had watched with a devilish grin on his face; and enjoyed knowing that Jessica worn brown panties with pink poker dots.  Carl smiled at his classmate, and they both burst out with hearty laughter, as the final bell rang for the evening.  Mr. Edwards knew that Jessica had been left back more than 4 times; but her parents were determined that she finish high school.  He was so attracted to this 21 year old female pupil; but their positions of (Teacher/Student) made any connection between them a taboo issue with the Department of Education.  He secretly though of her as a human lollipop shop, and gave a thunderous laugh from inside the class.

The Vice Principal was walking by, and wondered what was so funny; but Mr. Edwards just waved him off.  It was Thursday, and there was only one more school day left before the weekend would start.  Mr. Edwards wanted to make a quick stop at the liquor  store to purchase some rum; for his evening drink.  He spent a lot of time sitting on his terrace; talking to the old man who lived next door.  Kevin Edwards was only 28 years old, and this was his second semester dealing with misfits who were not serious about anything in their lives.  He was a part time worker, who basically covered the last three classes of each day.  The Vice Principal, Mr. Henry Wise, back tracked to Edwards classroom a few seconds later; to inform him that he would need to cover the first period class tomorrow.  Kevin Edwards quickly agreed, knowing that overtime money would be granted.  Both men then wished each other a good night, and headed toward their cars.

The Scent of Cotton Candy

The next morning, the early student ‘s began to enter the classroom.  Mr. Edwards watched from the second floor window, as he was able to see movement behind the garbage dumpster in the back yard.  A moment later, Jessica Randle and Carl Stanton was seen frollicking.  It appeared that Jessica was adjusting her clothing, and Carl had forgotten to zip up the front of his pants.  Kevin Edwards was now feeling a bit annoyed at what he had just observed; and when Carl entered the room, that feeling had now turned into jealousy.  Jessica made a note of arriving 5 minutes late for class, as two girls removed a lollipop from her back pockets.  She tossed them a smile and headed straight to her seat.  She had released a powerful scent of cotton candy in the air.  Kevin Edwards was turned on by this and did not understand why.  {Was it the candy or the fact that this beautiful student stirred emotions within him that gave him an erection?}, he wondered to himself.  Kevin needed to shift himself behind the desk to relieve pressure from his groin area.  He was hot and bothered, and this annoyed him to no end.  He arose swiftly to pass out the drama pamplets for todays lesson.  As he passed Jessica’s desk, a scent of cherry candy arose, and then a scent of blue raspberry.  He looked downward to see that a bag of lollipops were open inside of her bookbag.  Kevin smiled to himself and wondered, {How does this girl have such wonderful teeth?}

As the students studied the pamplets that the other teacher left for them, Kevin returned to the front desk and sat back down.  He tried to read a magazine, but kept hearing slurping sounds.  He looked up to see that more than half the class were licking on lollipops.  Some were oblivious to the fact that he could hear them, and about six of the girls were twirling them things in their mouths provocatively.  Mary Steward turned a brown pop in her mouth, which Kevin assumed was the flavor of root beer.  When he looked the other way, Carl was now swapping spit with Kathy Marks as she shared the same lollipop with him.  Mouth to Mouth was the action of their game, as the candy went from one to the other.  The teacher did not want to let on that their sounds were too sexual for him.  With a straight face, he finally spoke out loud.  “Don’t you guys think that your too old to be sucking on lollipops in class?”  They all let out a giggle as some of them chimed, “Do you want to share one with me, Mr. Edwards?”  He gave them a smile, as he tossed a brief glance toward Jessica.  She was the most devious of them all, as she now held a long swirl colored circus type pop in her jaws.  She lowered her lip over the lengthy candy, and slid it back and forth with enticing energy.  Mr. Edwards was now uncomfortable as he began to feel pulsations inside of his trousers.  He sat there wishing that the bell would ring, and that Jessica would stay behind to switch her lollipop with him in exchange for something else.  No one noticed that he was really in pain, or so he thought.  A long grueling ten minutes later the bell had rang.  Kevin Edwards did not turn his head away this time, as Jessica proved to have nothing on beneath her skirt.  This annoyed him, as he wondered whether or not it was in Carl Stantons pocket.  The teacher would have given her all the candy in the world, if he could have switched places with Carl Stanton for at least ten minutes.  She allowed herself to be the last student packing her bookbag; as she opened wide before standing up to leave the room.  This time he was not able to turn away.

The End!

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