Charles Stanley Richardson

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The male bachelor living in an apartment on the same floor, was the sexy object of a young woman’s daily interest in a strange type of way.  During the morning and afternoon hours, the young woman was forced to listen to odd things that glued her ears to the walls.  On the flip side of this peeping tom behavior, there were many sounds that went … (knock – knock – knock); along with a fruit bowl where one edible item always seemed to disappear.  Was it the sound of a busy head board banging on the walls?  Visitors came and went – one after the other; but she did not understand why.  She knew the neighbor was very different from other people, but his demeanor did not seem like he would be (Mr. Popularity).  Why were these people arriving in her building on a non-stop basis.  She wanted to know what kind of sex appeal did he represent for those who seemed to return again and again.  {Wait a minute} … she thought to herself, “Why was that last visitor so angry?”

Her father was not home and she wanted to find out the answers for herself.  She already knew his name was Charles.

Subject Topic:

This sexual tale deals with the emotional behavior of someone dealing with OCD – (Obsessive Complusive Disorder).  For those who don’t know what this is – It is a (Mental Health Condition).  It forces an individual to do things repetitively, whether they want to or not.  This story touches on the topic with sensitivity and eccentric energy.  Originality plays a part in this story because some people tend to shy away from this topic; due to personal reminders that they may have someone in their family who deals with complusive issues.  Many times in real life, it can become stressful for the famiy who must deal with it in different ways.  If you find yourself desiring to know more about this story, you will not be disappointed.  You will find that the (Water Librarian) instigated a way for you to visually imagine what the gentleman is doing as the story unfolds.  There will be laughter, curiousity, boldness, and a delightful sexual spark where others in the same building are concerned.  This is a (COMING OF AGE STORY) where OCD is intergrated for the sole purpose of the story being enjoyably different.

Absolutely, no disrespect intended.  Please be advised that no matter what any individual goes through in this life, we are all spiritual beings – living an earthly experience.  This means that everyone somewhere along the way (Will or Might) feel a need to explore the actions of the flesh in one way or another.  This includes those who suffer with the above condition.  When choosing to entertain yourself sexually, please (Practice Safe Sex) and remind friends to do the same.

The Water Librarian Ratings are listed below:

  • This story called (Charles Stanley Richardson) is described to be (Written with Soft Porn Tactics).
  • Obsessive Compulsive Scenes.
  • Sexual Frustration Acknowledgement.
  • Laughable Dialog Moments.
  • Delightful Detective Behaviors.
  • Fun Peeping Tom Scenarios.

Approximate Word Count:

6,000.-  As a courtesy this information is being granted.

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