Baneel and the Enticing Aroma

Baneel had no idea how long he had lived in the deep south; but slavery was all that he had ever known.  He was in hiding, with a spiritual gift waiting to awaken the power of his loins.  From a baby to a full grown man, he faithfully remained hidden in the cubbard on a moment’s notice – awaiting his next mysterious vision.

From the Beginning:



Baneel simply longed for the love of his Aunt Rachel; and the knowledge of where a strong enticing aroma came from on a daily basis.  This particular scent had a tendency of creating warm tingling reactions in his body; and he felt this his entire life.  As a baby boy, it made his little nose search the air; seeking the source of its aroma.  As he continued to grow in age, that same smell made his muscles flinch and small hairs grow on his chest. These odd sensual energies made him happy. The only sad part of his precious life was that he never knew his real mama; and this left a void in his soul. He always wanted to ask her what that enticing smell was; that continuously made him feel stronger and teased the inner flesh of his nostrils.  Mama was no where around; so he replaced his desire for her with a baby picture of himself as a child.  This old photo gave him peace and represented love. It was his Aunt Rachel who had saved that last balloon for him, before that picture was taken.  His protected life of slavery consisted of being hidden, having visions, and the loving affection from his auntie.  Auntie Rachel, was his world; and it was obvious to the other slaves that he was her world too.

His Number Was Unknown

No one had ever told him what the date of his birthday was; but there were secret things happening to him that was better than a celebration.  He just needed to understand what this special thing was, before sharing it with anyone else.  All the slaves had gathered around to celebrate Baneel’s special day with a cake that the Overseer had given them.  Although the young boy smiled, his Aunt Rachel understood that his mind was absolutely somewhere else. He wanted to celebrate his real birthday; that for some reason went undocumented on the day he was born.  Rachel watched her nephew and truely desired for the child to know what real happiness was. Without being able to read and write, she simply knew that the child’s day of birth was around the time when the leaves fell off the trees; and the Mistress of the big house went away.

Mistress Mary Cherrywood, visited her mother once a year in another state; and this was around the time that the young Baneel was born. It was the Mistresses duty to keep up with the books of all slaves that were born on the plantation.  Baby Baneel came into this world beneath an apple tree that stood behind the cook house.  On that special day, many of the slaves were still in the fields; and not too many people from the big house heard the commotion and screams of childbirth pain.  During the labor, his momma tried to run back to their cabin; but Baneel would not wait and was born in the leaves for all the heavens to see.  The male child was then grabbed and hid immediately; after his entrance into this cruel world of slavery.  As he got older, Baneel never believed in celebrating the month of his birthday’s; because it was at the same time that his mama had left this earth.  If he couldn’t know her face, then he wanted to know the number of his day – (then he’d be able to share this with the woman who gave birth to him.)  This remained a true secret desire of his heart.  He wanted to know which day to place a flower on her grave; which would be the day of his real birthday?

Each year under that same tree was an alluring smell of something that had nothing to do with apples that fell to the ground.  The odd scent made itself known, more and more around this time of the year.  When the smell was at its heightened point, Baneel would always hear a voice within his mind whisper, “Can you smell it too?”  –  The child kept this news from everyone for quite some time.  He secretly wondered, where this voice came from and why couldn’t he always see the person who spoke to him.  At first, it was a baby and now this person seemed to grow along with him.  “How could this be?”

The Spiritual Exchange

His mothers’ name was Darlitha and giving birth to her baby boy was too hard for her to handle. With that last push for Baneel to enter the world, he gave his first cry as she released her essence of life back to the universe.  The stress of knowing that a wagon was coming for her, and the secret that this baby would come from her womb was too much to handle.  Darlitha tried to hold on for dear life in order to see her child; but the pain was too much and the spirit lifted itself from the worn and tired body.

There she remained lifeless on the ground, as the baby’s’ voice reached the realm of the spirits. That poor little soul was feeling the energy of her silver cord being disconnected from him. While his Aunt Rachel cried in distress as she watched her sister die before her, baby Baneel was now seeing someone that others were unaware of. Being too young to voice what he could see, he did the next best thing and simply watched the spirit figures move around him. One was his mother and the other was someone else. Only his auntie saw the child jerk his head twice to follow what no one else could see but them.

Rachel had also seen the brief vision of the other small child behind the veil; (another part of the world) and the turn of Baneels’ neck as he saw the other baby too.  Rachel wondered to herself, {How can this newborn turn his head so soon and what kind of vision did I just see with these eyes?} Rachel told no one about what she had seen, when her only nephew was being birthed into this era of slavery.  On the other side of the veil, she saw another woman give birth to a female child; before that woman died in childbirth as well.  That other child was immediately wrapped in a warm burgundy blanket; and appeared to be well.  Rachel shook her head and then the vision was gone.

She was taken back for a moment, then she remembered her dead sister and her wails became louder than her new born nephew.  Other slaves came to carry Darlitha’s body away for burial preparations; as Rachel grabbed the (Childs’ Afterbirth) and headed straight to her cabin.  She followed the other slave, who had grabbed the baby.  The life that they lived was not normal; and therefore they had no time to greave.  Rachel realized that she would have to take the place of his mother; and care for her sister’s child.  There was nothing that would change her mind; as she buried the placenta deep down in the ground.  Not everyone knew that Darlitha was pregnant, so it was easy to make her closest friends keep the secret about the new infant boy.

A Nigro Overseer and her closest friends did all they could to shield this child from being sold away; or fed to the alligator’s as some owner’s did for sport.

Auntie Used Her Sexuality to Save The Child

seductive_imageRachel kept the baby close and took care of all his needs. The one thing she did not want was for her nephew to be taken from her. Her sister had done a good thing by dying, because she was going to be sold the following day. It was declared before the Mistress had temporarily gone away, that this particular slave was too fat and she did not want her around anymore.  Darlitha did all she could to hide her pregnancy and it worked, right up to her dying day.  Rachel and the other slaves gave Darlitha a quick burial, and kept baby Baneel out of the sight of the overseer’s and the big house staff. There were so many people being purchased, that Mistress Cherry did not miss the childs mother for almost two months. Darlitha had kept her belly well covered and most of the slaves didn’t even know that she was pregnant. The slaves that were closest to Rachel’s cabin agreed to keep Baneels birth a secret for as long as they could. Out of respect for his beloved mother, they vowed between each other to help Rachel care for him and keep him safe. The slave named Rachel felt that she would die first, before letting someone sell this special child away from her. She secretly understood, that he brought the gift of their ancestors into this world with him.  It was the gift of being a visionary; and this special talent was always led by an enticing smell of a particular spice.  The smell appeared in the air, as Rachel’s sister took her last breath.  Watching the new born nephew turn his head as if he saw something at such an early time, was the Aunties confirmation – that she was not seeing things.  Another chosen vessel had now been born.

fire_imageDarlitha and Rachel were told about the history of their ancestors, as children before their parents were sold away.  They were told what the fore-fathers threw in the fire, after many of their people were stolen from the motherland.  African Warriors who were captured later on after the (First Fire Ritual) revealed memories of anger as they cried out for (Spiritual Protection) were able to tell everyone what was done after the first terrible act of human thievery.  As time went on, the story was shared to every generation of slaves born in America.  Rachel had the same gift, and smelled the enticing aroma as the child did on his first day of life.  He wasn’t just a baby born of slaves, but a special child who was connected to the spirit world.  He had to be protected.  Rachel then decided that she would have to use her sexual wits, and it had to be done at all cost. Master Cherrywood loved her with every ounce of passion; and she needed to keep him satisfied for the safety of herself and the new born.  With her sister dead and buried, she needed to find a way to tell the master about the baby; without his wife finding out.  She pampered herself down below really well each day; and waited for the one who might have to protect them both, if the mistress ever found out that he enjoyed her shaded skin and what existed between her legs.

The Hidden Spaces of the Cabinet

cubbardThe slaves did well in hiding the baby and when he was about three years old, he was able to blend in with the other slave children. Rachel had to pick the cotton, peel and clean the vegetables, and still make herself available for the master. He made it his business to ravage her body anytime he felt like it; and so did his brother in law. The only real difference between him and mistresses rude sibling was that the master was very passionate with her. He knew how to touch her in ways that made her want to scream with pleasure; but with little Baneel hiding in the cupboard – Rachel had to control herself.  She was afraid to tell him that there was another mouth to feed; so she fed the baby with small portions of her own food.  Master Cherrywood had taken delight in the color of Rachel’s pretty skin, when she arrived on his plantation a few years ago. When his wife was not around, he’d spend hours running his hands up and down her bronze colored body. Her sexy body was for him to sample alone; and her vaginity was taken by him. When Mr. Cherrywood had found out that the Mistresses brother had also taken advantage of his special slave, he was secretly enraged but could not say anything. It was important that Mr. Cherrywood not raise suspicion on how much time he spent with Rachel. He had an idea that his wife may have already known; since it was decided to sell Rachel’s sister on a moment’s notice.  Darlitha and Rachel were very close, and this separation was done on purpose.  Rachel had no choice but to find peace in knowing that her sisters body was still on the plantation with her.  Mr. Cherrywood felt so grieved to see his favored slave cry, that he left her alone for a good week or so.  He needed to handle his brother in law, about her too.

slave_baby_soldFear of losing the child, became the only thing Rachel could think about while her owner stayed away.  If his wife wanted to sell her sister, then she’d probably do the same with baby Baneel.  Rachel figured that she’d continue to keep the baby a secret a while longer.  It was the Old Slave, Jonathan who said that it might be best, for the child to hide in the cabinets when danger was around.  Baby Baneel thought it was a game, and he enjoyed playing (Hide & Seek).  For his own sake, non of the other slaves told him about the second part of that game.  We did not look for him to be found, but simply let him out when it was safe to do so.  Many times the overseer came around, staring at her with suspicion and lust in his eyes.  Rachel made sure to report this to her owner, who enjoyed sampling the goods that she had to offer him.  She was not afraid of the overseer, but the fact that little Baneel might be overheard crying in the cubbard.  Rachel made God her witness, that nothing would come between her and Darlitha’s child.  She would continue to nurture her hair and skin, so that Mr. Cherrywood found much reason to visit at night.  She needed to stay on his good side; in case the mistress of the house ever found out about this baby boy.

“From that moment on, Master Cherrywood made sure that Rachel remained in a (Hands Off Status) to all the other white men on their plantation. Rachel had no understanding regarding the word lust, but felt some form of affection for this white man because of his kind ways. His special way of hovering over her body from behind before entering her warm chambers, was enough to make her beg for more when he was done. She wanted to tell him about Baneel many times, but his love making was a major distraction each time.  He nearly made her lose her mind with all types of sexual deeds that were performed on her.  Sometimes when the owner left her cabin, she’d even forget to tell Baneel to come out of hiding.  After her nephew washed his hands and face, he also rubbed himself down below for the first time.  Rachel almost fainted that night when Baneel in all his innocense said:  “Auntie, why does my penis throb so painfully, when I see that girl on the cabinet walls?”  Instead of freezing up in shock, she calmly made dinner and told him the story of his ancestor’s gifts.

Now Rachel didn’t just fear the owner knowing about Baneel, but what Baneel was capable of doing was the problem.  His ancestral soul mate, was reaching out to him; and he was now asking his aunt many questions.  She answered as many of them as she could, and also shared her own experience with her beloved mate who was sold away before his birth.  Rachel decided that Baneel would remain a secret inside the cupboard as long as he could fit.  The male slaves had already taken the shelves out, as Baneel was growing up so fast.  He was very uncomfortable inside that hot drabby piece of busted wood; but hearing the sound of the female voice was soothing to him.  One minute Baneel was seeing brief sights of her lovely face, and other times it was her voice that lured him to sleep inside the cabinet.  She was protecting him, as her visions allowed her to know what was going on.  Rachel and Baneel then went to bed after dinner with their heads full of more questions.   A few days later, Rachel was once again engaged in a world of steamy hot passionate sex; and the weight of her master on top of her, made her feel safe.  Now he was interested in the second orgasm of the evening, so Rachel rolled over and with a few hard thrust on top of her master, he then released himself with superb satisfaction.  she wanted him to come fast so that her nephew could relax and sleep properly in their bed. She enjoyed every ounce of sexual play that she could get from Mr. Cherrywood, but protecting her sisters child was second to none.  Baneel was her pride and joy; and out of love for her sister, she would try to keep her nephew from being sold like a piece of cattle.  Moving her hips back and forth on top of that man had become easy playtime to her.

Baneel Reveals a Secret


When the coast was clear, Baneel climbed out and hopped into the bed next to his auntie. Rachel was already drifting into sleep, as he whispered: {“She appeared again in the dark, and stayed with me the whole time.”} Rachel secretly leaped for joy inside to hear of their ancestral’s spiritual gifts becoming alive within him; but she knew that most white people feared what they did not understand. Back at home in the land of the free, this was the way of their people. They communicated with the spirit world, and certain chosen people, were allowed to know who their life partners would be. In the spirit, visions were given her people in Africa and if they stayed in tune with rituals and deep prayer – they were able to talk and see the partners whom they would meet sometime later in their futures. Rachel heard what the child had said, but simply kissed his forehead and replied: “That’s Nice Baneel.” Rachel feared for his life, and if anyone discovered that he was a (Seer) – then trouble might arise.  Rachel clearly understood that there was a female baby born at the same time as Baneel, and the spirit world had let him know on the day of his birth that they were intertwined. Rachel hid this same gift and when a vision appeared on the day that her sister died, and she saw little Baneel follow the direction that the child moved in – she couldn’t believe it. As his mother was being taken away at an early age, he was granted a gift that would prove he was never alone. The girl would be by his side through visions, until they were able to meet. It was their destiny, that was ordained by the gods of their ancestors.  His soul mate was already alive somewhere on this earth and their future connection was an absolute thing waiting to happen. The spirit world allowed them to talk, sing, walk around each other, and many times they were allowed brief visions to see each other.

As the years passed, they could not control the supernatural powers that be, but delighted in it when special things occurred.  The girl was able to touch Baneel with comforting energy, whenever she was in her kitchen.  Neither of them understood clearly, why this was.  She was baking and made a mistake of spilling the spices all over the table.  When the jar of cinnamon sticks fell to the floor and broke, the enticing smell was too much for her to handle.  She was now in a trance like state, that brought forth a moistness that had began to form between her legs.  Masterbation was not a choice at the moment, as she heard those two nuisance sons of her mistress coming down the hall.  One of them grabbed her from behind and lefted her skirt; then Budd appeared with the smell of liquor on his breathe.  She was hot and bothered, but not for these two fools to have her virginity in the middle of the kitchen.  The other slaves backed off, as those two boys were allowed to do whatever they wanted to any of the slave girls.  The young lady was angry and began to fight them off, but the next thing she knew – they were both holding their balls between their legs, with both hands and ran like the devil from the kitchen.  She did not understand, but was very happy for their departure and filthy hands off her boobs.  The spilled cinnamon on the table was a mess, so she asked one of the other slave girls from the next cabin to clean it up.

The World of Slavery on her Side of Townkitchen_cupboard

Areena was a beautiful young lady who spent a lot of time in the kitchen at the big house, where the slaves peeled potatoes, apples, peaches, and whatever else was forced upon them. Making pies were her specialty; especially when she was allowed to use the spice called (Cinnamon). Its aroma gave her goose bumps, and left her seeking private time for searching the cabinets to look for the familiar face of the one she longed for. In the kitchen is where her body always seemed to tingled and the nipples of her breast became hard.  She would always glance to see if the other cooks saw her sweating.  Many days when this happened she would giggle and the others would wonder about her odd ways and desires to cook all the time.

When this happened, she would hear knocking within the cabinets, and knew that he was hiding there on his side of the world. Areena did not understand this strange sensation, but it made being a slave bearable. She did take note that the other slaves just worked and laughed in the kitchen, but no one else seemed sexually aroused like she was. Sometimes she opened the cupboards and it was empty, and other times her eyes revealed his likeness on the back wall. She somehow knew that the boy in the cabinets was someone meant for her, and absolutely her alone.  As a teenager, she was now accustomed to the beating of drums in her ears that others did not hear.

Kitchen Cupboard Connections

Areena was usually not herself, while in the kitchen area(s). Cakes were baked non-stop and the aromatic scent of cinnamon spices reeked in the air. Areena still didn’t know why the cinnamon smell made her feel warm and sensual inside. When this happened, all she had to do was look toward the kitchen cupboards and her strange visions would start to appear. Time after time, she would glance to the right and then the left, but still no one else seemed to be bothered by any magical pictures; or a face that showed her a young handsome black slave. He had soft eyes and moved his head in a way that seemed as though he knew someone was watching him. Areena had this ability as long as she could remember; but never told anyone out of fear for being sold away as a crazy woman. Then again, she figured that those nasty twin Cherrywood boy’s would never let that happen.  She was now pulling the last two apple pies out of the oven for the evening.  The aroma that reached her nostrils was now taking her on a spiritual journey.  Areena lowered the desserts on the table, and grabbed a chair.

{She began to see that same young man who was now climbing into his bed; alongside a woman who sort of looked like him.  Areena wasn’t sure if she liked what she was beginning to see.  A moment later, the older woman kissed him as if she were his mother.  Areena began to calm down and the vision continued.  The older woman hugged the young man and then she called him by name.  Areena wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but it sounded something like … (bain-heil).  She then shook herself out of this dream state, and took the pies across the field to the big house.  While waiting for the slave named hilda to open the back door to that kitchen, her inner eye began to show her that older woman again.  She wasn’t sure why she was seeing her, but knew it had some sort of connection to the man of her dreams.  The spirit world was now giving her another name, and clearly she was hearing the name … (Rachel).  After placing the pies on the big house kitchen table, Areena glanced toward the cupboard and focused on the information that the spirit world was now giving her.  They were now revealing information concerning that woman on the other plantation with the young man from her visions.  They allowed her to know the following information.}  


  Seer Book for Purchase

They told her that the boy was a secret, and that this woman cared for him.  Areena was allowed to know that Rachel was known as the favorite slave with the sexy walk. The woman never tried to walk that way, it just seemed to attract everyone’s attention. The spirit world informed her that Rachel was also a (Seer) who had been touched by the Gods with sexual prowess energy.  This energy allowed his auntie to lure the head master to her bedroom.  Areena smiled for a moment with this information coming in.  She was being told that Rachel was also grateful to the guardian spirits that walked with her. They had ensured the woman that she would not end up being the slave with her backside in the air; and some dirty fool ramming himself inside of her.  For the boys sake, her sensual energy would grant her favor with a particular white man who would keep her safe.  She was the protector of the boy to whom Areena was connected to.  They whispered that she was also chosen by the Gods to receive a gifted mate; just like this woman was.  The enticing aroma of the apple pies were going away, so the spirit guides told Areena to go back to the field kitchen and place a bit of cinnamon spice on her tongue and wait for their arrival.  Areena was excited about the spirit speaking with her and she did what she was told.

Back in her own raggetty kitchen, Areena placed the cinnamon on her tongue as instructed; and her body became warm with sensual tingles going up and down her spine.  She was taken back a moment, from the energy that raced from the top of her head to the sole of her feet.  The other slaves had gone to their sleeping quarters to spend time with their families.  Areena sat down in a chair, as the sound of drums and ritual african music played in her ears.  Her nipples hardened and her vagina became overwhelmed with heat, as the truth of (Historical Revelations) began to be exposed for her ears only; of Baneel’s family line.  As the music continued to play, this is the secret that was revealed to Areena concerning her soul mate:

{Rachel was the fourth generational princess, of the family that was left behind in Africa; after her 4th Great Grandmother was stolen while roasting cinnamon scented potatoes for the family dinner one horrible day.  Although many family members were taken, over and over again from that first terrifying act of human thievery – they missed the powerful leader of them all.  Unknown to the former slave catcher’s, they did not capture her Grandfather, King Usaali, so he and other rulers in the land prayed for their families and friends who were now seen far off in the deep waters of the seas. As the boats sailed further away from their shores, King Usaali became louder and louder as he cried for his people and released protective spirits and visionary guides. His request was that all later generational children of his royal family line be guided toward each other. It just so happened that in this present generation of 1860, Baneel and Areena were the chosen ones to meet and nothing was going to interfere. As the kings rituals went on that entire night and for the following 15 days, chants were raised into the air, fire was burned non-stop, surviver’s cried as their vengeful energies were released into the skies, and heard by the spirit world. When the 15 days were over, the thunderous clouds released a message to King Usaali and his people.} 

This is what was heard by all surviving clans:

{People of the motherland, the sacred ones have been stolen from their rightful place on this earth and many shall never return. They will be forced into hard labor and unfair situations shall fall upon them. Dealth will arise and many dead bodies shall be returned to your shores, who will be tossed off the boats. You are to give them a burial and fret not. Because of the inhumane conditions that shall fall upon them, our Gods will allow the living and their seeds to keep their strength, beauty, integrity, and their natural ability to built shall not be lost from them. Find peace in knowing that they shall build new lands, create many things, fly in the sky and even walk on the moon. Our women shall be adored by those who shall take them, and the mixing of the blood shall create magnificent skin colors. Your blood line shall stretch across the nations and your sexual energies shall be experienced by others, who will be captivated enough to bring forth new children upon the land. The female breast shall feed many and their bodies shall entertain the rich and famous. Thoughtout every generation, there shall be those who will carry our gifts of being (seer’s in the spirit world) with them. Our powers shall rest upon them and many will be guided toward each other as their years continue. The most powerful ones will be connected by an enticing aroma, known in the world as cinnamon. Throughout the lands – this spice will enlighten their sexual and mental connections and their natural strength will remain their own.}

fire-imageKing Usaali, and the tribes of many powerful people, were told to do one more thing. As their camp fires burned down low – they were told to throw a handful of sand and crushed cinnamon into the ciders. The enticing aroma that will be inhaled all over the world will unknowingly help the gifted ones to spiritually wake up and find each other. Their children will rule the world, despite much racism, hate, and unfair conditions. King Usaali then gave the instructions for his remaining people to remember what they had just heard; and the cinnamin spice was honored from that day. The following night the king had a dream and in it, he heard himself whisper millions of names, concerning the gifted ones to come in the future.  By the ears of the soldier’s who stood guard that night, he was heard saying: (Baneel find Areena) “Your children’s bodies will leave men and women craving for more than they bargained for. They will leave their own, to sample the depths of your hidden sex chambers. Use what you can to stay alive and make us that were left behind proud.” Before the king had awoken, he also said: “Rachel, help them if you can.” When he had sat up on the bed, he had no idea that this person called Rachel had not been born yet. Neither were their two names that he had spoken.  He simply released a powerful instruction into the universe that would take place many centuries to come.  After this revelation was reveal in its entirety, Areena was drained of her energy and fell into a deep sleep for the night.  Her dinner had remained on the table until the next morning.

On the other side of the veil, Rachel was also given the same (Ancestral Revelations) from the spirit world of the royal blood line that she had come from.  With her gift as a (Seer) it would now be her responsibility to help the two blessed children understand what was happening.  Rachel needed time to figure out how to explain this to Baneel.  The spirit guides wanted to help, so they told her the name of his future soul mate.  Her name was Areena, on the other side of his visions.

Areena’s Environment Woesbusted_cabinet

In the special fire house which was meant for baking breads and cakes for guest and the overseer, Areena sat patiently waiting for everyone else to leave. This kitchen also had a small raggetty cupboard, which allowed Areena to see the same person hiding inside of another cupboard somewhere else in the world.  After her recent revelation from spirit, she realized that the cubbard represented a hiding space for a slave that his Mistress did not know about.  She felt sorry for the man that she was beginning to love, and now said a small prayer for him.

Areena saw him as an infant, toddler, growing child, and now a strong young man – strange enough she also saw herself grow with him, month by month, and year by year. This day it was her job to watch the cinnamon flavored pies bake on the fire.  She dared not to go near the two brown doors on the cubbard; which held the likeness of the youngman whom she couldn’t wait to see. With the overseer outside the door, she could not communicate through the hidden portal station.  A few hours later, she opened the cabinet, but he was not there.

In the State of North Carolina, the overseer’s and their master watched her all the time; but it seemed as if she were left alone for the sake of Mistress Cherrywoods sons. Michael and Budd Cherrywood, were absolute nuisances to her on a daily basis. Areena had to serve them afternoon snacks when the sun went down each day. Michael thought his cookies were hidden between my breast; as he grabbed at me each day. Budd would make me strip and crawl around naked; with the snack plates on my back. He could have simply asked me to wiggle my backside infront of him; so that I could have escaped the room quicker. Her appearance and the sensual way that she moved her hips were always a danger to her. Despite the sexual needs of the teenage sons in the big house, Areena had a way of calling upon her ancestoral spirits for protection each time they attempted to take her vaginity. The energy in the room would then change, and the boys would automatically remember something else that they had to do. Areena would close her eyes and thank the spirits who guided her each day. Rachel was already not interested in entertaining the twins, because her visions were making her weak and nervous for the need of someone else. Areena had been seeing a young boy for quite some time and never told anyone about it. This was because he was not there in front of her; but lurking somewhere in visual pictures that kept appearing before her eyes. He was dark and handsome with a set of soft alluring eyes. Many times in her sleep, it was as if she could feel him touch her night gown. As her nipples became hard, she wasn’t sure if it was the wind outside or the invisible hands of the man that she was able to see. Before drifting off to sleep, she heard a woman named Rachel say: {“Yes, he is the one meant for you.”}

The Youngman Called Baneel

It was now about 17 years later, and Baneel sat watching the female apparition who watched over him every day.  She was beautiful and seemed to have been around since the day that he was born. He was enjoying a slice of cinnamin swirled biscuits, as another premonition appeared before him.  Although he did not see her face clearly, she worn a humble yellow dress with a white ribbon wrapped around her waist.  Now that he was older, her appearances made themselves known at any time of the day.  Baneel no longer had to be inside of the cubbard to see her.  She would appear to walk across the floor right in front of him.  He would also see her face on the ceiling at night, while in bed.  Nowadays, Baneel hid inside of a large chest, behind the back door of their cabin.  He was too large to fit inside of that cubbard, and hiding was no longer of interest to him.  The most important thoughts on his mind, was the girl of his dreams.  He seemed to have absolutely no interest in the slave girls on their plantation.  They were tired of throwing themselves at him, because he ignored them like a plaque.  To them, Baneel seemed liked he were waiting for someone that simply was no where around.  The slave girls took note that he often starred off into space; and smiled at something that no one else could see.

He was finished with his biscuits, and continued to think about her.  The target of his visions had light brown skin, with soft coil type hair.  Only for a moment was he able to see that she sat in a room; that was clean with fine furniture.  This person seemed to be growing and learning at the same pace as he was, almost like a spirit twin. The strangest thing was that the girl was able to walk around Beneel and sometimes he even felt her touch. This baffled Baneel, as he continually turned from left to right when he sensed that she was around. The feeling was extremely alluring and sometimes made him feel weak.  He went to his nightstand to stare at a picture that he had of a birthday celebration many years ago.  It was him as a child, surrounded by balloons and a smidge of cake on his face.  His appearance seemed to have been looking at something.  The sight of his baby picture gave him an odd feeling of deja’ ve.  He wasn’t in the mood for cutting wood, and cleaning the horses – but his auntie insisted that he stay away from the harder labor in the cotton fields.  Even now after all these years, the old timers still protected him, and now the big house slaves knew he existed too.  These people had loved his mother when she was alive, and for this reason they said nothing about his existence.  In fact, they all favored the boy because of his kind and helpful ways.  They also felt that there was something special about him as well.  It wasn’t hard to keep him out of sight, because the Cherrywood family did not believe in the lock and key techniques.  This meant that harsh treatment toward another human being, was not tolerate.  However, they did take advantage of the slaves when it came to sexual favors, and forcing them to work after dark.

For this reason, there really weren’t many overseers and the ones that they did have were lazy.  They did not care anything about that quiet boy that seemed to lurk about the horses stables.  Periodically, they made him shine their shoes and the horses saddles.  Perhaps it was the forces of the african spirits, that kept the white overseers mouths shut about the boy who remained out of sight of the Cherrywood Family.  Rachel was pleased for the years that went by and her love for Baneel was over the moon.  She babied him every chance she had to do so, no matter how tall he was now.  He loved her right back, and praised the gods for the opportunity to visit his mothers grave when no one was looking.  Darlitha had fresh flowers left on the dirt, whenever he came to talk with her.  She blew the breeze his way many times, as she listened to his tales of hiding and talking with the spirit girl.  Baneels’ favorite past time was when the working hours were over; and he was able to wrestle in the mud with the other slaves.  As the slaves ran about laughing and roasting frogs on tree branches, this was his time to freely mingle with his people.  The slaves on their plantation did not make a habit of running away, therefore when the darkness fell, they were allowed to do as they pleased.  Barnyard dances, campfire story telling, and slaves frollicking in the nearby woods was an every night thing.  Baneel had no choice but to enjoy his life as he knew it.  Freedom was not something these (Well Kept) slaves talked about; because they weren’t whipped as some were in other places.

Baneel’s Premonition

When the slaves began to separate and head to their cabins for the night, Baneel grabbed his aunt by the hand and they walked back home together.  He whispered, “Hurry up Aunt Rachel.”  She shuffled her feet as fast as she could to keep up with her nephew.  When the log door was closed behind them, he blurted out the next set of words that had her speechless.

Baneel told his aunt that he had been keeping a secret for the last few days.  She simply sat quiet and starred at him, waiting for his tale to begin.  He then began to tell her, how he had seen two white boys, mishandling a pretty slave girl.  He continued with how one had grabbed her, while the other had fondled all over her breast in a rough manner.  He told his auntie that he was simply eating cinnamon swirl biscuits in the kitchen, when the vision had occurred.  Rachel became alert right away after hearing the word (cinnamin) and remembering the (Historical African Tales) that were told to her and Darlitha when they were young.  She understood immediately that the spirit world was reaching out to him, and she blurted out:  “Just tell me what happened, Baneel.”  He laughed at the excitement that she was showing at the moment; and then he continued with what he had seen in a vision that was clear as day.  The story came out just like this:

{I saw the girl struggling and telling them to leave her alone.  I had this strong urge to help her for some reason and became irritated.  He lowered his voice as he said that when one of the boys reached beneath her skirt, that this is when Baneel confessed that he himself received an erection upon his own body.  Baneel continued with how rage overcame him and he felt this strong energy touch the top of his head; without thinking he reached out both of his hands and grabbed the air}    

He fell silent with an odd look on his face, then Rachel wasn’t sure if she was ready to hear what else he was about to say.  For a moment there was silence between them.  Rachel asked, “What happened when you grabbed the air?”  –  Baneel said, “Auntie, I think that I had grabbed both white boys between the legs and squeezed their manhoods.”  Rachel screamed with laughter and this made Baneel laugh as well.  They laughed so hard, that they were both crying.  She started to tell her nephew that he was dreaming, until she heard him say that there were african drums playing in his ears.  Rachel stopped laughing, and insisted that he tell her the rest of the story.  Baneel said that he was able to feel their private parts in his hands, and the tight grip that he had on both of them.  Baneel told his aunt, that when the girl got angry – he also felt the same anger and automatically wanted to help her.  He further explained, that when he squeezed his hands in the air – both boys froze and ran like the devil.  He then looked into her eyes and said, “When the girl was ok, then my vision closed; and the african drum music stopped playing in my ears.”  Rachel was lost for words, as she began to hear a whisper in her ears from the spirit.  It said, “Tell the boy that his soul mates name is, Reena.”  They informed her that he had the ability to reach across the veil, because of the strong urge to protect what rightfully belonged to him.  This was the reason that Baneel, himself had received an erection, when they wanted to rape the slave.  “Reena’s virginity belongs to Baneel, and no one else shall take it.”  Rachel then heard nothing else from the spirit world after that.  She shared with her nephew what spirit had just shared with her.  Now then were both left with nothing else to say.

The next day was Sunday, and the slaves were free to do whatever they felt like doing.  Baneel, had lost his appetite for breakfast, and marveled at the connection that he and his aunt had with the spirit world.  As Rachel cleaned the cabin to prepare for her afternoon visit with their owner, Baneel decided to go for a walk in the back woods area for a while.  He wanted to see if he could catch a few wild rabbits to surprise his auntie.  After not catching anything, Baneel decided to rest against a tree and relieve himself of the sexual tension that he was feeling in his body.  With no one else around, he lowered his trousers made from the potato sacks; then he moved his hands back and forth along his shaft until satisfied.  He then thought of the pretty girl and laughed to himself.  He asked the gods, “Why would anyone want a dirty boy like me around, who has the ability to grab another kids balls?”  Once again, this was a hearty laugh that Baneel lifted his own spirits with.  A moment later, a twig fell from the tree and hit him in the head.  He stopped laughing, as he then had the odd sensation of someone whispering for him to believe in fate.  As the musical drums began to play in his mind, he closed his eyes and fell asleep; underneath the tree filled with broken pieces of cinnamin bark that hung above his head.

On Wednesday, Rachels Master was receiving company from South Carolina; and wanted everything to be perfect.  The mistress had gathered her bags the day before to go and see her mother, and no one missed her yearly absence as she always left this time of year.  Master Cherrywood whispered to Rachel that she was welcomed to serve in the big house at his dinner event tonight.  With a devious smile on his face, he then asked if the boy who used to hide in the cubbard would like to help serve the meat at the dinner table.  With tears in Rachels eyes, she smiled at the realization that he had known about Baneel and wasn’t upset at all.  With a brief hug he then said, “Darlitha was a delight to us both, and I knew that she was pregnant the whole time.”  With a stern look on his face, he also said:  “You could have just told me, because the answer would have always been – (Yes He Can Stay!).”  Their owner then said, “Go and tell everyone to be ready at six o’clock to begin serving promptly on time.  The guest will start arriving at 5:30pm.  As she ran to get everyone ready, she replied:  “Thank you!”  When Rachel entered the cabin, she then told Baneel everything and  insisted that he take a bath.  He was delighted to learn that he would be allowed to walk into the big house for the first time in his life.  Rachel went to tell the other slaves about their visitors.

A few hours later, the big house was full of many guests, music, great food, and of course an arm load of pies, cakes, cinnamon swirl biscuits, and a sweet dessert made of candied fruits with sweet cinnamin flavored sauce.  Dishes were laid out on the dinning table, which was set for 45 people.  Chairs were dusted, candles were being lit, and all present staff were bathed and dressed with the best clothing that they could fine.  Baneel was lucky enough to find a decent shirt to wear with his old trousers.  The master had given him the job of standing guard against the wall with towels, in case someone had spilled something.  He was pleased to be welcomed, after spending the majority of his life hiding away in a cubbard.  Rachel served the food proudly, as she winked at her nephew in the corner.

As Mr. Cherrywood sat at the head of his table with 44 guest, they laughed and talked as they waited for the last invitee to arrive.  When the gentleman arrived, he had two of his slaves to accompany him.  The female was to assist with serving a table center-piece of cinnamin flavored corn bread.  The second slave was a male who came along with them, to care for the horses and be at their beck and call.  As the last arriving guest nodded to his female slave to served the corn bread with honey, it was Baneel who had taken note that the pretty slave girl was wearing a yellow dress with a white ribbon around her waist.  When she began to slice the bread, the aromatic sweetness floated around the room.  With permission from the master of the house, the arriving slave was allowed to cirlce the room and serve the slices; with melted butter and sweet honey.   As the cinnamin scent, reached within the nostrils of everyone in the room, there were only three of the slaves who reacted beyond the knowledge of the others.  Baneel for a brief moment heard the spirit of revelation tell him, that his mate will grant him knowledge of the actual day that he was born.  He smiled to himself.

Baneel looked to the right, Areena looked to the left, and each saw the live figure of their visions before them.  The third gifted seer was Rachel, who after seeing a familiar face step into the room, had now fainted on the dinningroom floor.  With african drums ringing in his ears and the enticing aroma of cinnamon in his nostrils; there at the door stood the male slave who had come to tell his owner that the horse had ran away.  It was learned a few hours later, that he was the soul mate of Rachel … (the slave who had been sold many years ago).  Little did Mr. Cherrywood know, that he was now about to lose his favorite female slave.

The powers of the Ancestral Spirits of the slaves, were now raising the enticing aroma into the environment of the big house.  The smell of cinnamon was awakening the power of Baneels’ loins; along with that of Rachel’s husband.  The pulsating energy within them was spiritually instructing the chosen ones to sexually connect with their (Seerer) Mates.  This only happened when those who were apart from birth or physically separated were in close proximity of each other.  Areena heard the sound of drums inside her ears, and her eyes connected with the beautiful face that she had always seen in her visions and dreams.  As she began to feel moistness beneath her long skirt, Baneel was trying to hide his erection beneath the towel on his arm.  The visiting male slave who had entered the room was no longer concerned about that horse; but that familiar body who was now awakening on the floor.  The other slaves who were present had also began to smell the aroma of strong cinnamon sticks, and mental thoughts and desires about escaping became clear in their heads.  The ancestor’s were about to bring forth long awaited changes; and they simply needed their descendant’s to acknowledge the power of the spice called — (Cinnamon) and what it does to heighten their inner mental  and sexual awareness.

Unknown to the owners of the plantation, there were now four people on the land who were able to dream future events.  They would soon share amongst each other, about a piece of paper seen in a vision of the future.  It would have something to do with a long strange word called:  “Emancipation”.

  The End!

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