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I welcome all visitors to dive into my murky waters (An Online Hidden Library) beneath the deep dark sea.  Swim your way into selecting a tale that tickles your sexual vibes:


THIS IS MY LIFE STORY – (From My Youth to an Adult)Under Water

I am known as ( The Water Librarian ).

I have always enjoyed reading all fairy tales as a young child.  This interest continued as I grew into adulthood.  It took many years for me to move from Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Tinkerbell, and hundreds of other fabulous stories.  I did what the majority of us do as we get older, and started creating adult type fantasies in my mind.  The Public Library was basically a second home, where studying and reading was first priority.  This led me into the field of creative writing.

Here comes an intriguing question:

How many of us have hid magazines of naked people beneath the bed because you heard your parents calling you for dinner?  I can probably raise my hand quite a few times.  I still remember growing up as a teenager passing the magazine stands, where the adult stories had always caught my attention.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much pocket money to purchase them.  As I began to get older, money came from the various jobs that I found.  On my first pay day – can you can guess what I did next?

If you said, (Bought a dirty magazine with pictures) then you were (CORRECT).

Well as time continued for me, my easy library going days turned down another path that was definitely unforeseen.  I went from the (Happy Fairy Tale Land) and headed straight to the (Hardship World of Homelessness).  I was living in a shelter where the four walls had began to feel as though they were closing in on me.  I twisted and turned many nights, wondering what had become of my luck.  How did I travel this life experience from a happy go lucky youth, into a struggling woman trying to get her life back in order.  My life experience allowed me to have my own property and driving the family car before reaching the age of 25.

Then like a bad story book with pages falling out, I became a divorcee, losing almost everything that I loved and then looking at blank walls of a homeless shelter room?  I wasn’t even allowed to hang a picture of mickey mouse on those walls; and this lured me away from happy thoughts for quite some time.  I then began to feel like a (Raggedy Story) filled with sadness and depression.  Unknown to many on the outside, homeless people are not always treated fair inside of those places.  I was not only a reader, but someone who had the ability to write and document true events.  This made me a target for those who enjoyed doing wrong – against people without a home.

As the days continued to past without happy news, and my family was being overlooked and torn apart at the same time – a light bulb came on inside of my head.  I began talking to myself in that room over and over again; or perhaps there were angels that I could not see; planting ideas in my brain.


I had this strange sensation of my head becoming large and varous thoughts and ideas began to move around up there.  I then began to laugh at my own self, as I pictured my head being a (LARGE FISH TANK) with books floating all over the place.

The neighbors in the other room would knock on my door and say:  “Are you ok – we heard you talking to someone?”  Perhaps I was talking to some invisible person and heard them say:

You Can Swim Your Way From Rags to Riches!

but you have to let the stories out.”  At that very moment, I had decided to listen to those intuitive whispers.  With the busy philanthropist who had favored me away from the scene, wicked staff members tried to stripe me of everything that should have been good.  The only thing that they couldn’t take from me was the angelic whispers that said, “Dive into the waters – and let the stories out.


book_pages_imageI desire to help people relax their minds and find contentment in reading interesting stories.  I am not the only person who found themselves with two much time on their hands and nothing interesting to do.  I now want to share the same stories that captivated my mind, while back in the shelters.  Many of my written words speak on children’s magical creatures to passionate adult content.  If I can make someone laugh, cry, and even feel warm and fuzzy inside – then I would feel as though I have accomplished something positive and worthwhile to share with the world.



sexual_energy_imageThe answer is because I understood pinned up emotion best, after sleeping in a homeless shelter without having sexual companionship.  My energy flow did not focus on what was below the belt; but that which wanted to come out of my head.  When a person has lived a life of celibacy for over 12 years, people seem to see us as being inhuman (bizarre).   On the contrary, the universe was giving me a gift.  My mind began to reveal the fishing tank of the future, where stories would be found.  My hands were blessed to write, and I saw books floating in water.  Revelation then turned that fish tank – into a hidden sea of water.


My goal is to provide something creatively sensual with a touch of fantasy, and passion for various people who may:

  • Be bored sitting in their own bedroom.
  • Dwelling in different residential buildings:
    • Homeless Shelter
    • Nursing Home
    • Retirement Center.
  • Introverts such as myself who spend a lot of time alone.
  • Bored husbands and wives who may need a …(Safe Outlet).
  • People sitting in
    • A Lunch Room / Break Room
    • The Emergency Rooms
    • Conference Rooms
    • Airport Lobby
    • Hotel’s
    • Etc.
  • Last but not Least – People who simply want to read enticing stories to past the time pleasantly.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

The Water Librarian  –  (Take A Dive Inside & Tell Me What You Think!)


murkylibrarian.com = (Swimming in Murky Waters)

The (Hidden Library where you dive in to find different sex stories of a lifetime).


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The Water Librarian

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